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Welcome to the MMSA

Department of mathematical methods of system analysis

Department of mathematical methods of system analysis

main35.jpg Department of the Mathematical Methods of system analysis is part of the Educational and Scientific Complex "Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and was organized in  NTUU «KPI» in 1988.

MMSA traines over a thousand student

The educational activities at the Mathematical Methods of system analysis department for bachelors and masters since the academic year 2007/2008 are carried out in the following areas:

- 6.040303 System Analysis (professional orientation program for "System analysis and control", qualifications - Bachelor of applied mathematics);

- 6.040302 Informatics (professional orientaion program for "Social Informatics", qualifications - Bachelor of applied mathematics);

- 6.050101 Computer Science (professional  orientation program for "Intelligent Decision Support Systems", qualifications - Bachelor of Computer Science).

The legal term of training program for  full-time studies is 3 years 10 months (part-time - 4 years 5 months). The legal term of training program for Masters  - 1 year 10 months.

Within each  Master specialty there are specializations, that are aimed on more concrete and practical aspects of general training.

The main areas of scientific activity of MMSA are:
• development of principles and methods of system analysis;
• conducting applied research in systems analysis;
• Analysis and design of complex information systems;
• forecasting State problems;
• systematic studies of global change;
• international contacts in education and science.

Experienced scientists and teachers from  NTUU "KPI", Institute of Cybernetics in name of Glushkov, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute for Information Recording of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine and National Space Agency are involved in teaching lectures, workshops, guidance of diploma, etc.

Today the department consists of: 1 active member and 1 corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as 2 member of the International Academy of Higher Education, 22 Doctors of Science  and 38 PhDs.

In modern equipped computer labs there are all the conditions for practical training, including training for CISCO network academy of design, construction and administration of local and global networks, with a number of areas related to analytical support of banking.Постер 1

The department trains specialists in the areas of system analysis and intelligent decision support systems, capable to design, develop and operate computer systems for analyzing, forecasting, management and design of dynamic processes in macro-economic, technical, technological, environmental and financial objects.

Activities of the MMSA graduates are:  management, analysis and programming activities in banks, stockexchanges, analytical departments of ministries, tax offices, departments of foreign exchange, commodities and stock markets, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, analytical intelligence departments, pension funds, centers of database design, development of automated systems.

Terms of training: Bachelor - 4 years Specialist - 5, 5 years, Master - 6 years.

Сфера діяльності випускників ММСА – управління, аналіз і програмування діяльності банків, фондових, валютних і товарних бірж, аналітичні відділи міністерств, податкові інспекції, відділи валютних, товарних і фондових ринків, Міністерство фінансів України і Міністерство економіки України, аналітичні відділи спецслужб, пенсійні фонди, центри проектування баз даних, розробка автоматизованих систем.

Министерство образования и науки, молодежи и спорта Украины